My Soul said to me

Soul said to me
O you who have been busy by
Fatamorgana world .....
What you want to search from the world ...?
Look ... there is no person who memandangmu
Lights also are reluctant to brighten your
Yourself yourselves dikala morning
Tuhanpun fed up with sin sin
Tingkahlakumu ...............
You to worship Him
But you also engage in immoral acts to him
Are you sure ibadahmu received by him?
Are you sure tobatmu in ampuni by Him?
Tangisilah yourself weeping with sorrow
Throughout the life

Soul said to me
What you want to search from the theatrical world
Are you looking for love ....?
Look of love ...
Look how many people are injured
Because of love
Look of love ...
Do you want to find love
Until when you will be busy with matters of love?
Before the soul menasehatiku
I say ........
Love is dihatiku
Seutas like a thin thread attached by pegs
Menasehati soul and mengajariku
For those who love membenciku
And to establish friendships with those who memusuhiku
Shows the soul to me, the love itself
Not only to those who love,
But also to those who loved
But now you have become
Halation without beginning or end
The love of man and girth slowly akan merengkuh all

Before the soul menasehatiku
I see beauty like a rock torch
Among the smoke pillar ...
However manakal smoke was lost tersapu wind
I do not see anything but
Fire up the flame

Menasehatiku soul and teach me
To hear a voice that nobody heard
By ear, by the tongue takterucapkan
Human mouth and throat
Before the soul menasehatiku
I do not hear any sound
Except cry and cry
However, now I find the silence and
Able to hear the songs and rhymes toss
Age and to the sky and the dream
To reveal the secret is not visible from the

Soul menasehatiku
To touch impianku
That has not materialized
Soul said to me that
Whatever we touch is
Actually part of our desire
But now jemariku no power
To paint all existing in khayalanku
And write everything in my heart
Mixed with the restlessness that is not visible

Soul menasehatiku
Do not you measure the time and say
"Where is the past and
Tomorrow is a dream
Before the soul that
I imagine
Past as a repeated Tech
And the future is something that is not teraih

Soul said to me
What you want from this world
Do you not see the power of your Lord
Look .....
Sweep the heavens without pillars
planet and the planet moves in accordance calculation
and water dipertemukan
but there are differences between them
see the power of your Lord
He made the human berpasang pair
And He created the pasanganmu's own jenismu
So that you will be pleased that
Do you not see heaven
That told in the book sucimu
The water flowing underneath susu and wine
That at any time you can meneguknya
No you will feel satisfied that
What you need to ragukan again
In heaven there are beautiful woman there, woman
Clear-eyed that has not been in touch by anyone
And you is halal akan nymph
all that is created for me, for you and for us

soul said to me before akan it
I tried to give up Grace Lord
that has been in anugrahkan to me
so that the heart can hear all that you say
I try to be grateful on the grace of my Lord ....

mengajariku soul and menasehatiku
about many things ......
as the soul brother menasehatimu
Indeed, you and myself is the One
there is no difference between us
unless the decision is in diriku
that you keep a secret
is in your hearts

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